Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Get the Facts

This afternoon's front-page story sheds a bit more light on the infamous TBI investigation of Alan Beauchamp and his repeated threats of a libel suit.

[Oak Ridger, 8/1/06] In 2004, area media reported that the probation director had been cleared.

But TBI spokeswoman Jennifer Johnson sees the outcome differently.

“The TBI doesn’t, quote, clear people,” she said. Anderson County District Attorney General Jim Ramsey agreed.

“We’re not in the business of clearing people,” he said.

I've been told that the statute of limitations for possible charges in relation to this investigation has not expired, although I confess that I don't know enough about criminal law to know exactly what those charges might be, nor how long the statute of limitations is. But if that is true, it does shed some light on why he might be so motivated to help his allies win the District Attorney's race and a couple of judgeships.

Now, if only the article had noted that the documents posted on LetsTalkFrank.com did not come from the TBI file, but from Anderson County records, I would feel fully vindicated.

It is unfortunate that the local papers are compelled to note in every article my status as a school board member, because the creation of that website had nothing whatsoever to do with the school board. It was the act of a private citizen on a Saturday morning. Of course, I do understand that it is news only because I hold elective office.

If I were just another mom sitting at the keyboard, it's unlikely that the papers would have covered it at all, and that would have been too bad.

Hits to the site skyrocketed after last week's story. It's now up to 5,213.


Blogger Anotherthing2 said...

One of the lessons I hope comes from this fiasco would be for the media to not be so quick to take the story line supplied by politicians that have a vested interest in spinning the story to their benefit.

Hopefully in the future they will be much more wary of taking the story at face value and will do some fact checking before going to printing.

10:48 PM  

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